2019 NSW Election – The Transport Promises List

With the election coming up, it was good time to finally outline the public transport election promises as detailed in the Policy costings released by the Parliamentary Budget Office. With a frantic media cycle, most of these announcements get unnoticed but this is probably the best ‘simplified’ list of every announcement over the past few months. These will only focus on the two major parties as other minor parties usually detail their transport policy on their respective websites.

Opal and Regional Fares


​Fare Refunds for Late Trains – 30 Minutes Late (A005)

Opal card holders for train fares where the train has a preventable delay of more than 30 minutes

​Fair Fares – Reduce Station Access fee at Sydney Airport (A175)

Reduce the access fee at the domestic and international airport stations to $5, with free access for airport employees, from 1 July 2021

Free travel for children

Abolish fares for travel by children aged 4–15 years, and eligible full time NSW/ACT school students aged 16 yearsor older with their Secondary Student Concession Card, providing they have the appropriate Opal card


​Reduce the Weekly Opal Travel Cap to $50 (Y092)

Child Opal Travel Cap also reduced to $25

​Regional Seniors Transport Card (Y052)

$250 towards the purchase of fuel and taxi travel from participating providers in rural and regional NSW and Pre-booked NSW TrainLink services.

No mention / Wish List

Opal reform and changes in ticketing policy

Contactless payment on buses


Sydney / NSW Trains and Metro


​Do not Proceed with the Sydenham to Bankstown Line Conversion (A013)

Rapid Transit from Liverpool to Western Sydney Airport (B451)

Allocate $10 million for planning for rapid transit from Liverpool to Western Sydney Airport

​Rail Transport – Additional Funding (B455)

Sum not disclosed

Rail – Station Upgrades and Commuter Car Parks (B477)

Allocate an additional $450 million to the Transport Access Program from 2019-20to 2022-23

​Maldon-Dombarton Line (B458)

Allocate a grant of $50 million as foundation capital for the Maldon-Dombarton line


​Upgrading 68 More Train Stations (Y032)

Mainly station upgrades for ease of access and capacity

​Opal Park and Ride Expansion (Y043)

Opal Park & Ride program to 10 existing commuter car parks

​Thousands More Seats on South Coast Trains (Y049)

From January 2020, 44 four-car services operating between the South Coast and Sydney on the weekend will be converted to eight-cars, adding more than 430 extra seats per service

​More Express Trains for Western Sydney (Y070)

Eight additional express services each weekday for the T1 Western Line

​Fast Rail (Y074)

$295 million to kick start early works on the State’s fast rail network, in addition to the $4.6 million already committed to strategic planning. Most of the work listed includes straightened rail corridors and duplication

​Accelerating Sydney Metro West (Y081)

Additional funds for Metro West and revision of the start date for construction. Labor have pledged to match this.

No mention / Wish List

Upgrades to Sydney and NSW Trains Infrastructure such as signalling and duplication

Replacement or Upgrades of existing train fleet (K-sets and Tangara trains)

Richmond Line Duplication

Timetable improvements (although Labor will review the timetable for Western Sydney)


Buses, Ferries and Light Rail


​Hunter Buses (B452)

Undertake a review into the privatised Hunter bus service to investigate cuts and determine the optimal method of fully restoring services (this is relevant to Newcastle Transport)

​End the Mismanagement, Incompetence and Waste – Inquiry Into WestConnex and Sydney Light Rail (B433)

Really just another review on top of the Legislative Assembly review

​Public Transport Acceleration Fund (B450)

This is mainly use funding from cancelled road projects for public transport projects.


​Tweed Light Rail (C010)

A NSW Liberals & Nationals Government will fund Strategic Planning work on Light Rail from Tweed to Coolangatta (joint funding with QLD maybe?)

​Regional Growth Buses (Y031)

Increased bus services to selected regional towns, increased hours of operation and review of existing networks

​Sydney, Central Coast, Lower Hunter and Illawarra Growth Buses (Y075)

14,000 extra weekly bus services over the next four years

Electric Buses and Bus Depot for Randwick (Y095)

10 electrical buses and commitment that the Randwick Bus Depot be subject to this feasibility with the goal of being transitioned to zero emissions buses

No mention / Wish List

Extension of Sydney Light Rail to Marobura

Extension of Newcastle Light Rail

Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2

Bus network reform and redesign

Bus rapid transit

Ferry upgrades

Active Transport and Transport Operators


​​Active Transport (A261)

Allocate funding of $20 million in 2019-20, $15 million in 2020-21, $15 million in 2021-22 and $25 million in 2022-23 to support active transport initiatives

​Privatisation pledge (A161)

Self-explanatory. No franchising or privatisation of existing state owned transport operators but no commitment on nationalisation


​More Cycling and Pedestrian Infrastructure (Y042)

$197 million on cycling and pedestrian infrastructure over the next four years

No mention / Wish List

Potential franchising / privatisation of transport assets (if it would arise)

Future of Transport for NSW and the existing transport hierarchy